Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis in Hilton Head, SC

Your pet’s coat can tell us a lot more about their health than you might think! Island Holistic Veterinary Center is pleased to offer fur tissue mineral analysis, a form of testing that can give our team new insight into your pet’s condition that isn’t possible with blood tests. Dr. Duffner uses the results of fur tissue mineral testing to craft a more balanced nutrition plan for her patients, so they can enjoy better health and an even better quality of life.

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What is Fur Tissue Mineral Analysis?

Fur tissue mineral analysis involves analyzing samples of your pet’s hair and measuring the levels of minerals and toxic heavy metals present. Through Dr. Duffner’s evaluation, we can better understand how your pet digests and assimilates the proteins and carbohydrates in their food. We can also explore how these findings affect the functioning of your pet’s adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands.

How Will It Help My Pet?

Our goal with fur tissue mineral testing is to correct any health imbalances your pet currently has with a proper diet, supplements, probiotics and/or enzymes so they can thrive. The quality of your pet’s nutrition is extremely important to them, and can make all the difference between a good life and a great one.

To learn more about fur tissue mineral analysis and whether it can benefit your companion, contact us today at (843) 671-PAWS.