Helping to Treat Allergies
in Dogs and Cats
in Hilton Head, SC

At Island Holistic Veterinary Center in Hilton Head, we know a thing or two about allergies in dogs and cats. Allergies are a seasonal occurrence for many pets, especially canines. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including pollen, grass, dust mites, fleas, animal and human dander, and even synthetic materials. The South Carolina Lowcountry can aggravate allergies in pets thanks to its seasonal environmental allergens like pine pollen, which can cause atopic dermatitis (an itchy, chronic skin condition). Luckily, despite how unpleasant allergies can be for your pet, management of their symptoms is possible with the appropriate treatment.

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How Can I Tell if My Pet has Allergies?

The best way to determine if your pet is suffering from an allergy is to consult with your vet. However, you might not realize anything is wrong unless you notice some obvious physical signs, such as:

  • Chewing and licking of the paws
  • Rubbing at the face
  • Scratching constantly at the skin
  • Red, inflamed ears
  • Runny eyes (can cause staining on the face)

Itchy skin is a common symptom of allergies and without treatment, it can get worse and expose your pet to infectious bacteria. If you notice areas of hair loss and skin that looks very red and raw, your pet is probably very uncomfortable and they should see their vet as soon as possible.

Treatment Options for Allergies in Dogs and Cats

Our hospital offers a variety of medications that can help to relieve your pet’s itch, heal any lesions on their skin, and clear up any bacterial infection they might have developed.

The key to managing your pet’s allergies successfully is to notify your veterinarian if you observe the warning signs (itching and scratching, runny eyes, inflamed skin) and schedule an appointment right away. We’ll do all we can to diagnose your pet’s allergies and find a solution that brings them much-needed relief.

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