Holistic Medicine for Pets in Hilton Head, SC

Dr. Tracy Duffner wholeheartedly advocates for holistic medicine in Hilton Head as a viable form of treatment for pets, and has dedicated years to developing her expertise in the field. She can provide a full range of holistic services including acupuncture, food therapy, chiropractic care, herbal medicine, essential oils, and more to help pets live healthier lives, naturally. Holistic medicine addresses the individual pet’s mind, body, and spirit; there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Our goal with holistic medicine is to create a plan that is unique to your pet, and addresses not just their physical health but also the environment in which they live, as well as their emotional state. Holistic medicine gives them the opportunity to heal and thrive in ways that might not be possible with conventional Western medicine alone.

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Why Would My Pet Need Holistic Medicine?

If or when a patient is in a place of chronic illness for which Western medicine has no further treatment options, holistic medicine, particularly Traditional Chinese Medicine, can truly shine. For example, with end-stage kidney failure, there are no good medical options for improving quality and quantity of life. However, by implementing Chinese herbals and acupuncture, we are more likely to achieve both of these goals for the patient. This can also apply to arthritis, cancer, liver disease, and so on. If there is not a viable solution for an illness in Western terms, we can certainly address your pet’s issues holistically to improve their quality of life.

Can My Pet Benefit from Holistic Care?

All pets are different, and their healthcare regimens should naturally differ as well. What benefits one pet may not benefit another. At Island Holistic Veterinary Center in Hilton Head, Dr. Duffner will be happy to evaluate your pet and talk to you at length about their lifestyle, condition, medical history, and more. We want to understand your pet as much as possible so we can prescribe a care plan that works best for their needs. We’ll also be glad to answer all your questions about holistic medicine so you can be sure it’s the best option for your companion.

To set up a consultation with Dr. Duffner, contact us at (843) 671-PAWS.