Nurturing Your Companion’s Health with Pet Wellness Exams in Hilton Head, SC

One of the most essential factors in keeping your animal companion hale and hardy is the wellness exam. Dogs, cats, and pocket pets all benefit from routine checkups with their vet. We can examine your pet from nose to tail, run lab workups to check for illness, and provide other services as needed to treat an existing problem or reinforce their protection from disease.

Pet wellness exams are also an important time for us to communicate with you (and vice versa) so we can develop a fuller understanding of their health and needs, and your needs, as well. From nutrition and behavior to parasite prevention and dental care, we can cover a wide range of topics during your visit to Hilton Head and help you find a wellness plan that supports your pet at every life stage.

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What is Included in a Pet’s Wellness Exam?

We recommend an annual wellness exam for your four-legged family member, because they age rapidly and can experience many changes in a seemingly short amount of time. Additionally, cats, dogs, and pocket pets are good at concealing illness. Therefore, it’s up to our veterinary team to look for subtle cues and help you figure out if your pet has a problem, and what it might be.

Routine pet wellness exams generally include:

  • A complete physical examination in which we check your pet’s heart, lungs, temperature and weight, along with their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, joints, and skin
  • Vaccine boosters
  • A diagnostic workup that includes blood and fecal testing so we can check for parasites and other issues
  • Deworming (if we find evidence of worms in your pet’s stool)
  • Finding solutions to any current health problems your pet might have, and discussing alternative treatment options

The wellness exam is also a time for us to answer any questions you have about your pet’s health, behavior, and any unusual physical changes you might have observed at home. You may want to come to your pet’s exam with a list of things you’d like to talk about, so we can be sure to cover everything!

Why Your Pet Needs Full-Time Parasite Protection

Here in Hilton Head, we have the privilege of enjoying milder weather for much of the year, which is ideal for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests. Heartworm disease is particularly prevalent, especially among canines. Without timely treatment, this disease can be fatal, though it may take years for the disease to progress to that point. For maximum protection, we recommend that all pets be given their heartworm preventatives as directed all year round. Since heartworm disease cannot be treated in cats, it’s especially important to keep our feline family members protected.

We also strongly recommend flea, tick, and intestinal worm protection for dogs and cats. To discuss your pet’s prevention needs, contact Island Holistic Veterinary Center in Hilton Head at (843) 671-PAWS or make an appointment online.